AUGUST 7, 2019 * :back, back online

It's time to resurrect this old thing. I tend to shy away from publishing on any social media, so if you happen to stumble onto this dusty page on the internet, congratulations, and my apologies...

For the past ten years, we've been not so quietly recording new old 'albums'. The sequencial patterns of life moves on for some members of our band, and as a result, we've not played any shows during this time. At least, I don't think we have...

I'm ecstatic to announce that this is all about to change. We've been invited to join in on a very special evening of music in Fullerton to raise awareness for homelessness here in Orange County. We'll post more information as it is received. And I will let others release the hounds on social media sites...

In the meantime, enjoy the old website. If there is time, it will receive a bit of a cosmetic (and informational) update.


AUGUST 4, 2004 * :back online

Well it's been over a year since the site was really updated! It wasn't like we were out of commission the whole time, we just forgot that this whole thing called the internet still existed. :)

Anyway, the latest news is, we have a show this coming Sunday at the Livery Theatre! This cozy little venue is a great place to play, so I hope all our friends can show up to see the _____ again.

I'm here at work updating the news, so it's going to be short. We've done several recordings since the last update, so the disco list is now a little longer. We just got doing doing 3 sessions at Audio International in Ojai last weekend, so we'll have a comp CD to give out at the show.

More updates to come, I promise!


APRIL 2 , 2003 * :so far

Contrary to popular belief, we've actually done a few things this year, just never got around to updating this place. We've done several recordings here and there, with some new people and the old crew. With my work habits, I will probably never get to creating artwork for these CDs, so I might as well just post the links up to them. So here goes, started with the latest recording:

"OH"... or "Our True Colors" ... download the songs here
Recorded and mixed by Armand Dabour, 3-24-2003
Mike Wolfe on vocals, John Krier on backing vocals
The real name of the CD is "OH". The artwork (ha ha, there is artwork done) has the phrase "Our True Colors". BTW, the splash page has the artwork.

"enoC" ... download the songs here
Recorded and mixed by Roger Camero, 12-29/30/2002
The best way to cap the year is to sneak in a special recording session in a real studio. Done in the wee hours of the morning at the beautifully eerie as heck Audio International in Ojai (alright, the studio itself is cozy, the scenery down the street from it was downright spooky). Roger resuming command on vocals/guitars, Jeremy on ear piercing delay guitar, and me playing the drums wrong yet again. For some reason, this is now my all-time favorite recording.

"OLIM" the songs here
Recorded and mixed by Roger Camero, 10-13-2002
This is how we used to do it. Overdubbing the bass. This is birthday recording.

That's it for now... expect more I think?


JANUARY 13, 2003 * : a New Year

Back online again... after much delay and procrastination. A couple of recordings finished since the last update, both with Roger on vocals.

I hope we'll be able to do a couple of shows around southern california before the summer, as well as several high-quality recordings. Mid-year dcb will most likely go into "hibernation" while no motiv goes on tour in support of their upcoming CD in late spring.

Sorry for neglecting these duties. Everyone has their ups and downs, but after a while it really boils down to picking yourself up, brushing off the dust, and marching on with life.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2002 * : of Parties and Recordings

Again, to everyone who came to the party, a huge thank you! Judging by all the pictures Roger and everyone took, I believe a good time was had by all. I'm just bummed I wasn't able to hang out more with some of you out there... you know who you are! Anyway, I'll post some pics of the party, just some... I'll be sure to weed out any incriminating evidence... :)

Mike and I are still developing the content to represent the latest recording we did back in August. But I want to have the files available for everyone to listen to... so, I have them all at this location:

We're also preparing content for an older recording we did back in April... actually, they're two recordings, Session1 and Session 2... both were done in the same night... so be prepared for that as well.

Last but not least, our good friend Brian Henke had videotaped us recording those two sessions... I'll try and pick out some good parts to put on the site. He also took pics of our first two live shows as well, and they'll be up sometime soon too.

So be sure to stop by again soon for some new stuff! ~ray

AUGUST 26, 2002 * :New Recording

I'm still amazed at how this one turned out... stay tuned and in the next couple of days I should have the whole thing online and hopefully some blurb about it.

AUGUST 23, 2002 * ICHOR:Large Video Download

ICHOR : Quicktime Movie, Color, Stereo, 4 min, 14 MB

The greatest gift you have is the ability to die
And it's time to cash in your chips
Centuries gone, I am left, it's much too long
Centuries gone, centuries gone
You are gone

Megalomania, you think that I am mad
Megalomania, you'll soon understand
There's Ichor in my veins, I cannot die
There's Ichor in my veins, no I cannot die
Centuries gone, the centuries gone
I am left with the same count
You can't know, can't feel real pain
Feel this, won't turn the same


Understand, understand, you need to understand
Understand, understand, you need to understand
The pain I get to live in this world is more than the pain you get from dying
The pain I feel day by day is more than a life's worth


I cannot die, no I cannot die
I cannot die, no I cannot die
The greatest gift you have is the ability to die
And it's time to cash in your chips

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...I've kind of broken up the information into separate html pages. Just use the menu under the main picture. Oh yeah, there's also another new Quicktime movie in the downloads section. thanks for stopping by.


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