all recordings pre-Mike Wolfe still need to have dates attached to them, however they range from 1992 to 1999.

PRE-IRVINE (91-mid 90s):

asian invasian
bowel movement
test pressing
bright-eyed losers
tripped down memory lane
dry heave knits
it's over... and we'll never see each other again
insignificant others (compilation)

IRVINE (late 90s):

...stagnant afternoons
leaving the city
lessons in spontaneous rauk for plastic society
the anarchy dryer
your love life on mix-tapes
morning sickness

chronological descending (compilation)

Mike Wolfe Era (2000-Present):

Joma (winter 2000)
the about to screaming (
calpis (10-19-01)
11-9-01 (Live at the Living Room)
No Comprenden (11-11-01)
Horlicks - High Fructose Corn Syrup (MLK 2002)
Kimot (3-9-02)
Sarsi (3-23-02)
04-05-02 (Live at the Living Room)
Session 1 (4-27-02)
Session 2
The Perfect Place (07-06-02)
Vidal Winiarz (compilation) (8-9-02)
8-10-02 (Live at the Living Room)
Love and War (8-25-02)
OLIM (10-13-02)
10-25-02 (Live at Sacred Grounds)
enoC (12-29/30-02)
applejuice (02-22/23/03)
oh (our true colors) (03-24-03)
the return of espolder (5-16-03)
the man in black - volumes 1, 2, & 3 (8-6-03)
Seveteen (10-13-03)
man in black sampler (compilation) (3-21-04)
03-21-04 (Live at the Livery Theatre)
the Natural (1/04 & 4-1-04)
Audio International Recording Sessions (8/1/04) *still untitled*
08-08-04 (Live at the Livery Theatre)
A Bottle of Black Doves (8/15/04)
Laguna (8/23/04)
cobers (8/28/04)
the Man with the Golden quan (8/28/04)

updated september 13, 2004