Death Country Blues is the unaborted brainchild of brothers Roger and Raymond Camero. Not only were they born into the same family, they were born into the same musical wasteland. 1991 marked the first incarnation of DCB, which was called "Asian Invasion".

It was basically samples, guitar riffs, and distorted mumbling that started it all. Roger and Ray took music and beats from different bands, then overdubbed additional guitars, Roger's 12 year old voice and called it music. This quickly switched gears to an all improv band with Ray on drums and Roger playing guitar and screaming vocals. The new version was dubbed Death Country Blues, and ran under the process of pressing record and making the sweet sounds of trash rawk, writing it all as they play and record it.

Ten years later, with the idea of adding a live element to the band, Armond Dabour joined to play bass and Mike Wolfe took over vocal duties. With the additions, a year later, of Jeremy Palaszewski on additional guitar and Ryan Haslam on keyboards, the band was updated to what it is today.

Eleven years and 30 recordings later, DCB still searches for the unsearchable within the realm of music. Though the sound has changed over the years, the guiding principles of nothing being written ahead of time and letting emotion pave the way still hold true.

Roger Camero: Vocals, Guitar
Armand Dabour: Bass
Jeremy Palaszewski: Guitar
Ryan Haslam: Keyboard
Ray Camero: Drums

Additional Players:
John Krier: Guitar, Vocals
Max McDonald: Bass
Kai Dodson: Vocals
Jeff Hershey: Guitar

updated april 2 2003